The Kennedy Center

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Building an immersive website
to celebrate the memory of the
unforgettable John F. Kennedy

Washington DC, USA


/01 Context

  • Design
  • Web

The Center reimagined itself as a “living memorial”: a place that explores, challenges and reflects the contemporary spirit of America. Inspiring isn’t it? Now imagine the excitement we felt when requested to build a digital platform to celebrate this centenary. A platform located somewhere between content and experience.

/02 The ideals

Focus on the ideals

The very center of the website relies on the five ideals JFK (Let’s call him, JFK, right?) stood for. By creating a horizontal experience playing with different levels of zooms, we aimed for a layered experience, from the top level to the depth of the content related to each ideal, enabling for a better engagement through a funneled navigation.

/03 The right tone

It’s a celebration

What important in the execution of this project, is using  the celebration angle. We didn’t want to craft a digital memorial from  the sadness angle, but instead from one that joyfully honors JFK’s legacy.. We want colors, we want music, we want perspective. Feels good, doesn’t it?

/04 Making of


During the initial phases of the visual development, we also unveiled other possible tracks to find the right angle for the experience, and let’s be honest, we also felt it was a bit sad not to share those with you.

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