Wanna join the greatest band of misfits around these parts?

W a n n a j o i n t h e g r e a t e s t b a n d o f m i s f i t s a r o u n d t h e s e p a r t s ?
Before anything

We do pretty amazing shit from our offices in Belgium and Chicago, and for the record, we’re being modest you know. Just sayin’, JS. Now, we guess you don’t know where Belgium is, hu?

Caesar was right, Belgians are the bravest and we’re all on a mission to make a difference. For you, for us, for your mom, your neighbours, for the rich, for the poor., for the curious, for the reluctant, for everyone. If you love us, you can strongly recommend us to the people you love, and if you hate us, you can strongly recommend us to the people you hate.

Sometimes we write shit on paper
Sometimes we write shit on paper
Isn't he cute ?
Faster Thierry, Faster !!
When temperatures go agove 25°c for the first time of the year, we’re throwing a BBQ. That’s right.
Fancy Christmas diner night
Barbecue sandwich
Larry and Francois in Chicago
Chicago Tourist mode: enabled
We can also build with Lego bricks
Nicolas and Brian in Canada
The Chicago lads in Canada
Sometimes we give some talks
Mario Kart victory!
We also won a Mario Kart competition
Focused team
Annual christmas meal
Fancy Christmas diner night²
Brian and his suitcases
Transporting weirdly-green suitcases in airport, what could be in there ?

Now, our famous never-seen-on-tv "Seven Reasons Why"

A new blockbuster

N o w , o u r f a m o u s n e v e r - s e e n - o n - t v S e v e n R e a s o n s W h y N o t

We like that you tame unicorns at night, we love that you drive for hours listening to country music, we already crave you crazy motherf…WE SAID NO CURSING. We are always looking for new talent and we were expecting you. Time to apply, buddy!

Reason N°

Because we heard it was mandatory to have a « facts » section, we decided to have one. You’re in for a treat with those totally irrelevant facts about us.




Is the number of times people asked us why we were called Dogstudio.
Believe us, it’s not that interesting




Is around the number of calories you’ll ingest if you decide to follow team members going for a « fat » lunch.




Is the number of times we laughed at your « dog-centered » jokes.
Writing « lol » after them in your mail isn’t making it any better. Sorry.




Is the number of times Mathieu rolled on the floor of the office when he learned we won a site of the year with Dragone.




Is the number of official languages in Belgium, so, to make it simpler, we’re speaking both French and English.



Freaks & geeks

Is around the number of freaks & geeks we are, give or take.



Yearly planes

Is the number of yearly planes taken by Nico to meet with our clients from all over the United States.


T h e b e s t t h i n g w h i c h h a p p e n e d t o B e l g i u m s i n c e W a f f l e s Jean Claude Van Damme


Midwest, we love you very much
Open positions in C h i c a g o

Because we wanted to retain our small-town charm, we chose to the lovely neighbourhood of Ravenswood to be our Chicagoan landmark, and we must say that so far, we love every part of it. All it now needs is you, in there.

Currently open positions


Namur landscape
Where it all began
Open positions in N a m u r

Our headquarters are located in Namur, where, a while ago, it all started. You know the extra good news though? It's that twice a week, if you want it, you get to work from Brussels or Liege. Isn’t it cool? First you gotta apply though. JS. Just sayin’.