The Set-Up

Apr 20

The Set-Up

A break from the tech and a little context around the story-telling. Namely the intro to our games protagonist, her situation and her environment. Let's write!

/02 Author: Mark W

Setting the scene

First of all, we want you to experience this journey with (or even as) Nina, but first, we have to establish, where she lives, who she lives with, that she has lost a parent, and that it happened recently.

We were all clear from the start that a Lighthouse would be a nice analogy for Nina’s predicament – a physical manifestation – where the simple movement and lack of light could easily indicate that something was wrong, that her life was less bright, less animated.

So we have a location

A rustic lighthouse – when we join its beacon is out, mainly because it’s day but you get the drift 🙂

Then we had to choose the parent that was gone. We internally still debate this – your current author favouring the mother but some Dogstudio people championing killing off pops.

But cos’ I’m writing this – the old deer croaked it 🙂

So how do we establish that? Who she lives with (her father), that her mother is dead and that it was recent?

Simple (we hope). A couple of shots.

The Lighthouse

We open, framed only on the lighthouse doorstep – as a bottle of milk is placed next to a rolled up local newspaper, bearing a headline that starts with “TRA…ACC…”.

The door opens and a pair of men’s feet step into view, pausing to pick up the items.

We hear the milkman (out of frame) “Oh. Morning Jeb, again…wanted to say…sorry ‘bout…”

Jeb responds cutting off the Milkman (also out of frame we are still on his bare feet turning now to go back inside) “Yes…Thanks Jim..see ya tomorrow”

The door slams.

Ok – thats cool – we’ve established a lighthouse, a nostalgic feel (milkman / newspaper) and a lone man who lives in a lighthouse that someone is sorry for.

The mystery keeps growing

Next shot we are following the man walking up the internal circular stairwell – now at torso height the newspaper now half folded and with more of the headline showing – “TRAGIC ACCIDENT KILLS LOCAL WOMAN (43)” and also shows a picture of a woman, full-frame smiling at the camera

We see family portraits (a man, woman and daughter (various ages)) on the wall behind him as he passes. The same woman as in the newspaper. At some point we notice that one picture has been removed from the wall – a lone nail remains sandwiched between two other pictures.

We are thinking that we won’t show the Dad’s head – this is Nina’s story and we’ll keep it like we are always looking at the world at her eye level.

Inside Nina's Room

He pauses at a slightly open bedroom door and then takes a look in, beyond the doorframe we see a young girl fast asleep on a work desk, we move forward and look over her shoulder to see Nina for the first time.

She’s fast asleep on the actual physical picture of her mother that was pictured in the newspaper and was missing from the wall.

All established now – Home, situation, and protagonist intro

Cue tears and an emotional desire to help this girl out of her current situation.

Next? Let’s meet and get to know Nina a little better!