AI Concept to 3D Reality

May 24

AI Concept to 3D Reality

In our latest article, we're combining AI-powered concepts with traditional 3D modeling to bring our protagonist Nina's room to life in our game, "The Light Within".

/4 Author: Lovis O & CHATGPT

Redefining the Artistic Process: Midjourney to Stable Diffusion

The creative process of crafting immersive, believable 3D environments like Nina’s room is a meticulous blend of art and technology. It’s a significant setting in our game, a sanctuary that tells its own story and mirrors Nina’s experiences. To create this complex environment, we embarked on a route that merged traditional craftsmanship with AI innovation.

The adventure commenced with Midjourney, an AI tool that we used to generate the initial artistic concept for Nina’s room. The power of AI breathed life into our ideas, producing an image that visualized what Nina’s room might look like. However, when it came to texturing, we found Midjourney falling short of the precision we required for our project.

This challenge led us to explore new frontiers with Stable Diffusion, Protogen and Controlnet. While these tools are not typically associated with 3D texturing, we found ourselves navigating uncharted territory and reshaping established workflows.

Crafting Nina's Room: A Hand-Made Tale

After the AI had produced our concept image, our team got to work using classic 3D tools, painstakingly building Nina’s room from the ground up. We meticulously mirrored every detail from the concept image, ensuring the 3D model embodied the spirit of Nina’s private space.

Once the room took shape – the walls, the furniture, the familiar disorder of a teenager’s room – we faced a new challenge: texturing. It was here that Stable Diffusion truly showcased its potential.

Texture Tales: The AI Intervention

For our innovative solution, we employed Stable Diffusion, Protogen, and Controlnet to transform the color palette, shapes, and object placements within our concept image into intricate textures. The team took the AI-generated texture details and painstakingly applied them to every surface in Nina’s room.

From the warmth of the carpet underfoot to the patterned wallpaper adorning the walls, each element received a detailed, unique texture that enhanced the room’s realism. The result was stunning – a room that feels lived-in, vibrant, and deeply personal to Nina.

The Full Room

And here we have the fruits of those labours. An immersive room ready to start unleashing Nina’s tale. She’s messy but we wouldn’t want her any other way.

Continuing our Ai / Game building journey.

As we continue our journey with “The Light Within”, we’re reminded of the untapped potential of AI in game development, not just as a storytelling tool, but as a collaborative force in creating immersive, realistic environments.

We’re excited to share these developments and our ongoing journey with you. As always, we welcome those interested in further supporting our work. Together, we can redefine what’s possible in crafting emotive and engaging experiences in gaming.

Full workflow video