Building a new kind of
immersive experience for
the famous music festival


2020 - Ongoing

/01 Context

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Web

2020 has been a different year on so many different levels, we got to learn and adapt our everyday life to make it fit in the context of global pandemic and lockdown. That’s what Tomorroland did by creating a new festival experience so fans around the world could still enjoy their magic universe from home this year. We were extremely excited to have the chance to closely collaborate with them to create this wonderful experience.

/02 The Experience

Immersive island

On the weekend of the 25th of July Tomorrowland fans from all around the world (1 million people!!) immersed themselves into a magical world for 2 days. Thanks to an immersive WebGL experience made for both mobile and desktop fans could listen to their favorite artists around the world, from the comfort of their home.

The universe we built for the experience existed both in a day and a night mode, to reflect the time of the different performances given over the course of the week-end. That surely presented itself as a design and development challenge, but we quickly saw so many opportunities emerging from this..

/03 Bring it to life

It’s all in the details

What does an island filled with boats, lampoons, fishes, god rays, butterflies, clouds and so on give you – besides the perfect scenario for LOST Season 7? Well in our case they were crucial to nail that magical feeling that Tomorrowland is so known for and translate it to an online platform.

To immerse visitors, we added so many little elements to make the island feel alive, positioning all of them was done through a wysiwyg fully editable spline system so that the team of Tomorrowland could help us define the best placements for them. Most probably the best trick to add production value in this.

/04 Exploration

Navigate in Papilionem’s sea

During the festival, Islanders were able to freely roam around the island by panning, zooming in/out and clicking to focus on the details around the scene. But as for any festival, the people came for the music. By using a halo of lights displayed around the several stages, we tried to represent the network of people around them making them an inherent part of the experience..!

By clicking on any point of the stages, islanders would get more information about the location, stage or who was playing now besides seeing the full line-up ahead before entering the show. Once inside the stages our user were immediately immersed by the unique DJ performances integrated in the amazing 3D world created by Tomorrowland.

Oh! If there’s one thing you should know about us it’s that we’re all about little details. Thats why made everything fully configureable through our GUI too! Btw, we sneakily added some surprise fireworks to be shown at the end of the shows on the first day – Cause yes, baby. You are a firework.

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