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Ashley Mackenzie for Quanta Magazine

/01 Context

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Branding
  • Product

After years of excellence and syndication for the likes of Wired, The Atlantic, and so on, Quanta reached out to dogstudio as they were looking for the right partner to help them rebrand and embrace a complete rebirth of their online presence. Being in the shadows of bigger actors wasn’t enough, they now wanted to have the image to match their super high-qualitycontent..

/02 The ideals

What about light?

After spending a few days workshoping in New York with Quanta’s team, we headed back to the office and went through a few iterations to produce what would become their brand new identity.

Based on the Q of Quanta, we provided a new icon and logomark suiting their ambitions. Revolving around the concept of “Illuminating science” aka Quanta’s mantra, their new logo’s base concept approaches different scientific concepts such as the particle-theory of light and network-like connections between elements on an atomic level. Turns out we listened more than we thought in high school.

/03 Stylesheet

A neverending (love)story?

Most of our analysis revealed an absolute need for consistency in the user journeys. The quality of the in-depth articles of Quanta requires a certain amount of involvement from their readers, meaning we had to provide them with the tools to make the best use of the time they had available to browse the website and read articles.

From desktop, to mobile, to tablet, to desktop again. We imagined and designed Quanta in the best way possible to ensure a flawless but portable experience. Powered by indepth content, readers can easily dive into the richness of its content.

/04 Stylesheet


Part of the topics come in a series of immersive articles. This is why the fully CMS-manageable design also includes an immersive template, that enables the lovely editing staff team of Quanta to build a series of even more involved articles.

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