KIKK Festival 2017

KIKK Festival 2017

Another Kikk Festival yearly revamp: the “Invisible Narratives” edition.

Namur, Belgium

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/01 Context

  • Design
  • Branding
  • Web

2017 was tough. Over the years of rethinking the KIKK Festival’s identity, we got used to quickly finding the right approach but 2017 was a different story. “Invisible Narratives” being such a broad concept, we initially started investigating several tracks, from mystical invisible presences, to poetic naturalistic portraits, even psychological storytelling, we went all over the map.

/02 The ideals

Ever heard of icebergs?

The solution came from the depth of our own frustration. While going around the subject again and again proved unsuccessful, we came back to one of our initial concepts : An Iceberg is an excellent example of “Invisible Narrative”, mostly hidden, there’s much to say. Now the bad part, our proof of concept took the shape of a gigantic underwater Gorilla, and no, it’s not as cool as it sounds.

The KIKK team fell in love with the idea, and the rest is history: iteration after iteration to produce the right approach, between dream-like illustration and heavy dose of storytelling, the key visual was finally born.

/03 The ideals

Shake it baby !

Now, the “easy” part: once we managed to get the main visual, we could start streamlining the concept to all the other outputs, with the website being the most critical one.This is how we extrapolated on underwater life, and how to make the Gorilla look more realistic, aiming for a “in your face” type of effect.

We love it when a plan perfectly comes together: we managed to push forward on integrating that giant Gorilla in the shape of a large but immersive video object. Of course, we also crafted the rest of the brand imagery around the very same key visual.

Shirts, flyers, badges and whatnot, we did what we do best : prepare the full identity of a festival, including the very smallest details of it

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