KIKK AR Art Exhibit


Yes, we put together an augmented reality art exhibit throughout the city of Namur, composed of 7 high-quality and exclusive code-generated art pieces.

Namur, Belgium


/01 Context

  • Design
  • Installation
  • VR/AR

We assembled a team comprised of the cream of the crop : Matt DesLauriers ( London, UK ), William Mapan & Louis Ansa ( Paris, France ), Samuel Honigstein aka Samsy ( London, UK ), Edan Kwan ( Bristol, UK ), Bruno Simon ( Paris, France ), Amelie Rosser ( Toronto, CA) & Jaume Sanchez ( London, UK ), to create 7 unique and custom-made generative AR art pieces. Each of those pieces located in a unique place in the city of Namur, and available only for the duration of the festival.

/02 Identity


Zoology : The action or skill of imitating someone or something, especially in order to entertain or ridicule. The piece we created with Samsy defines itself in the rough imitation of life it represents. Watch this simple ecosystem harboring males, females, viruses and algae revolve around the broken remains of what used to be their gravity center, still powered by the black core at their center.

/03 Identity

Technical stuff

Well, on the technical side, we have both an iOs and an Android native apps, running a custom-made AR-enabled browser ( thanks to ARKit and ARCore ), enabling you to scan the AR codes we printed on 7 different desks, and run each experience. We opted for an AR code solution for better precision by enabling visitors to first define the world-origin of each piece of art by scanning it, and therefore ensuring each and every one is experiencing the exhibit in the exact same conditions.

/04 Identity

"Carte Blanche" as they say

Being an art project before anything, and running on the budget of a non for profit, this project wouldn’t have been possible without the goodwill and extraordinary dedication of the team in place. Good news though : It also came with limited constraints. In order to fit the theme “Species and Beyond”, The primary goal was to create a set of living organisms made out of code, and supposed to be existing in different parts ot the city.

Bilibala Holala

Edan Kwan


Louis Ansa & William Mapan


Henry Daubrez & Samuel Honigstein

Paradigm Shift

Bruno Simon


Amelie Rosser

Quantum Spyglass

Matt DesLauriers


Jaume Sanchez

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