Exec. Interactive Producer

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E x e c . I n t e r a c t i v e P r o d u c e r

Our team is looking for a great executive interactive producer to join our team in Amsterdam. You will inspire, lead, think, mentor, pitch, cry, laugh, most probably drink gin & tonic because it's fancy.

In a nutshell

Well, it would just be a regular producer job if we didn't start by saying you're the team leader we always needed. You understand what it means to lead a team, and build an offer for a new project, but you're also are fully capable of leading the creation of platforms for large brands, small startups, cultural institutions and whatnot, whether it's personally, or leading other producers. You understand what it means to build compelling online immersive experiences, but you also at least dabbled with creating emotionally engaging physical installations.

Quite honestly, we're even more interested in you if prior to working as a producer you were yourself a hands-on developer as it lead you to understand every single technological implication of your past projects.

Handling budgets and planning has no secrets for you because you understand all those "+" and "-" in these spreadsheets of yours, and at the end of the day, you even know the actual balance of all your projects, how much work is left, and feel both your team and the client's energy.

All in all, for you, it's all about getting shit done...but the right way. You care about details, you care about those small elements bringing emotional and business value to any experience. It's so good you've learned the trades through planning, budget estimation, up, downs, and even maybe from being a designer or a developer in this life or another.

We will always value your independence and your capacity to find solutions to the challenges you'll meet along the way, and believe us, you'll be challenged. You know, here at Dogstudio, it is just as much about who you are as a person as it is about what you can achieve with us, because we both know it all comes down to quality-driven work and your capacity to collaborate. That's amazing to feel how easy it comes for you to juggle with budgets and ressources and enable your high-end team of individuals to explore the limit of their potential.

The good part? It can be on any kind of medium, whether it is a website, an app, a branding or an interface for a connected fridge. You want to grow with us and that’s great because this is all we are looking for. Hoooo boy…(or girl)... we are so going to get along together!

We need

Your resume goddammit. By the way, and just to be honest with you..we don't care about your cover letter, we already know you're willing to work with us. We care about result.

Please note : We're really really busy right now and we will only get back to the candidates moving to the next step. Sorry about that !

Send everything to hello@dogstudio.co.

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