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C r e a t i v e D i r e c t o r

Our team is looking for a great interactive Creative Director to join our team in Chicago. You will inspire, lead, think, mentor, create, pitch, cry, laugh, sometimes design, most probably drink local beers while laying down on a lion's pelt.

In a nutshell

You’re not only talented and hardworking, but you’re also one of that kind.

You know, the one who can not only come up with meaningful, business-oriented, and appropriate ideas, but is also capable of bringing them to life with finesse. Some may say the word “panache” because it sounds fancy, and gosh, do we like fancy.

Yes, you’re the one who’s going to dazzle, to naturally attract people, and astonish your clients. We may say you’re a true leader. Being a fast thinker isn’t enough for you, and your english written and oral skills when it comes to defending ideas are second to none, and you also enjoy having the occasional opportunity to travel the world to practice your magic.

You also know It’s been more than 7 years since you started in an agency environment, and through those years, you broke through all the walls, succeeded and sometimes failed, but always with the best attitude.

Isn’t it a human adventure before anything? Yes, you managed to get further than “just” being an excellent designer through a wide set of skills ranging from branding to digital products and through interactive installations. Actually, you often think working on any kind of medium is what gets you going. Can we be honest with each other?

Let’s cut the crap, you’re a badass. You’re not only a badass, but it’s also your lucky day, because today, you’re given a chance to apply and grow with the most amazing band of misfits you’ll ever meet. Ho, just in case : applicants with a valid US Visa will be considered in priority.

We need

Your updated portfolio and resume goddammit.

By the way, and just to be honest with you..we don't care about your cover letter, we already know you're willing to work with us. We care about result.

Please note : We're really really busy right now and we will only get back to the candidates moving to the next step. Sorry about that !

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Why are you still there ? We're waiting for you already.

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